Immediately to the right of the entrance is a bas-relief of “ Lamb of God” (Agnus Dei) coming from the ancient Church of St. Mary in Albacina. The sculpture dates back to the VIII-IX century.
The first of the two parchments dating back to March 1003, comes from the Abbey of St. Mary d’Appennino, and is part of a donation made to the same Abbey.
The second, dated 1046, comes from the archives of St. Venanzio and deals with a donation made of a house and vegetable garden to the church of St. Venanzio under construction at the time.
The small astylar cross is a rare example of medieval jewellery, dating back to the XIII century and most probably from a specialised Umbrian or Tuscan workshop. The long influence of the Longobards in the Apennine area gave rise to devotional artefacts of archaic if not barbaric style; the cross from Castelleta is a significant proof of micro-sculpture in metal of the period.