The large painting on wood is attributed to FRA FABIANO from Urbino and it introduces the viewer to the aesthetic and cultural atmosphere at the beginning of the sixteenth century. The work is pervaded with fresh, soft tonalities which are in line with the harmony and tastes of the time in the Montefeltro area, under the influence of Raffaello and his father Giovanni Santi. The painting portrays Enthroned Madonna and Child, St. Caterina of Alexandria, St. Giovannino and St. Francis. The tall figure of St. Girolamo is by a more modest artist, while of better quality is the Madonna del Latte between St. John Evangelist and St. Antonio Abate. The work is permeated by a sense of soft and reflective religiousness, influenced by the stylistic methods of the Umbrian school and Signorelli.


The painting on wood of another Enthroned Madonna and Child and Saints is by PIETRO PAOLO AGABITI. On the central step of the throne one can read the date of the work MDXXI and QUESTA OPERA LAFACTA FARE LASCOLA DESANFORTUNATO. The artist from Sassoferrato executed the work with great abundance of vivid colours and lacquers.


The background is beautiful, where one can recognise with no difficulty a view of Sassoferrato to the right of the hill, surrounded by defence walls around the town.
In the showcase is a silver and copper astylar cross, work of an Italian silversmith of the XVI century, coming from the Cathedral of St. Venanzio