The Madonna and Child between St. Rocco and St. Sebastian is by the artist from Arcevia ERCOLE RAMAZZANI (1530-1598). The work is dated and signed: ERCULES RAMAZZANUS ROCCAE CONTRADAE MDLXVI.


The work has smooth and rich colours which derive from the influence of the artist’s experiences in Rome and Veneto. The Crucifixion is signed by DOMIZIANO DOMIZIANI, active at the end of the XVI century, and displays careful and clear graphic elements, which enable him to define the figures accurately.


The heavily damaged Enthroned Madonna and Child with St. Michael Archangel, St. Giovannino and St. Peter, comes from the parish church of St. Michael. A well-timed restoration of the work helped avoiding its complete ruin. The work is influenced by Ramazzani, though in a more popular style, which makes experts think the work is that of a pupil.


In the show case Two Dialogues: Camerino 1564 by GIOVANNI ANDREA GILIO (b. Fabriano, first half of the cent. – d. Retreat of Suavicino 1584).


The second Dialogue: “ Reasoning over the mistakes and abuses by artists regarding stories with many comments on the Last Judgement by Michelangelo and other figures, as well as on the old and new Chapel; and in which way religious images should be painted”.