The large damaged painting of Eight Kneeling Saints originally should have opened up in the centre to show a particularly venerated image. The eight figures and the angels brighten the vault of Heaven and references exist to works by GIOVAN FRANCESCO GUERRIERI da FOSSOMBRONE (1589-1659), who was the most important painter of the 16th cent. in the Marche region.


The painter from Veneto CLAUDIO RIDOLFI (1570-1644), who moved to the Marche region in his youth, settled down in Corinaldo where he lived most of his life. The painting of St. Emidio is attributed to him. The work has an elegant oval frame, and it was once owned by Marchese Onofrio del Grillo, picturesque member of Roman nobility.


The painting reflects the vibrant, vigorous chromatic style of the artist’s more mature, later years.


The large painting Baptism of St. Augustine is one of the many works that the painter from Vicenza PASQUALINO ROSSI carried out in various churches in Fabriano, during the ‘70s of the 17th century.


The painter from Fano GIOVANNI LORETI (1686-1760), ‘naturalised’ citizen of Fabriano, is the author of the fresh, natural painting of a half-bust of St. Vincenzo Ferreri.


In the middle of the room is a statue of an Immaculate Virgin: it is carved in wood and painted by a sculptor of the 17th century who produced several works in the churches and monasteries in town.